This has been a very bad week, no internet!

The BT Infinity line stopped working early on the bank holiday morning, when I called to report the fault I was told an engineer would not be able to investigate until the next day at the earliest. An engineer finally turned up on the wednesday, only to say oh the light on the hub is red, this means the problem is a faulty hub. However because this is a buisness line he did not have any replacement hubs in stock nor did the stores have these. Only residential hubs are carried as spares. So I had to call BT directly and get them to post one out to me. The replacement turned up last thing on Thursday!

Last time this happened I was able to get on with some paperwork and update the accounts, it was painfull but at least I was able to get some work done. This time all of our services are cloud based; alongside all of our document storage.

I could not even watch TV as we rely on streaming services. So now I have now started the process of getting a second Virgin Media line installed so there is some fault tollerance.

This has been a very costly week with no work done but at least it is nice weather outside, so I think I’ll go into the garden with my laptop and write a couple of the proposals that I need to.