For the third time, in less than six months, I found myself at a client’s office, to make some updates and perform some general maintenance work on their server, only to discover the data cabinet locked and the client has lost the key. A few days later a locksmith is called to open the lock and replace it. Only now can a travel back to the client to perform the work. The amount of wasted time was considerable, and caused some disruption to other planned work. As such I have decided the new skill I will try to learn this year is – Picking Locks.

Padlock and Lockpicks

So after a short while searching on the internet, and watching several YouTube videos, I discovered this skill does not look so hard and found a supplier of picks and practice locks here in the UK. Once ordered they arrived the next day, and within the hour I had understood the basics and successfully picked my first lock.

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I can highly recomend UK Bumpkeys as the service was amazing and the video guides available on their site are a great resource.