After thinking long and hard over the past few months about Britain’s future within the EU, I feel that in general we would be much better served playing a leading role in Europe and this is best achieved by taking our rightful place amongst our close neighbours and working together. However, the current deal secured should the UK remain within the EU does not achieve this but rather the opposite. ensuring our role is marginalised. Given The UK population makes up for 12.7% of the population of the 28 member states, yet the UK only holds a representation of 9.7% in the European parliament. It is perhaps the under representation and lack of engagement with the unengaged, Eurosceptic MEP’s which has led to the disenfranchisement of the UK population.

In the coming referendum the choice is clear do we want to be the poor cousins within Europe with little say or should we exit the union. It is with a heavy heart given this poor choice the only choice is to exit. We should be given a third option of increased participation which would enable Britain to contribute to the great experiment and allow our great country to realise its full potential within the global community.