Why we need to keep all options open for upcomming EU negotiations.


The art of negotiation is something the UK will need to excel at. Not only will we need to negotiate an exit from the European Union but we will also need to create an entirely new raft of trade deals. The most important element of negotiations is to know what you most want to get out at the end, and then everything else is just a matter of compromise. It is important to ensure all of the options are on the table especially those options which the opposite side may be concerned about, as these are the critical bargaining chips. When we have calls to make guarantees on some of these elements beforehand this can significantly undermine the position of our negotiations.

Calls for assurances regarding existing EU migrants being made by the likes of Nicola Sturgeon and Tim Farron, shows how far the UK has to come to ensure these negotiations work. Their comments show their naivety when it comes to negotiating in anything other than the comabtative political arena, and is likely to cause harm to the national position should it continue.  Whilst this is an important issue and we should not leave these people in the lurch, we need to keep such a hot subject open for the negotiations as this will be an important issue for the EU nations. This just shows the true naivety of some of our politicians when it comes to real world negotiations.



If the UK is going to move forward these negotiations should be run by those who have experience in this type of work; business leaders like Lord Digby Jones and Lord Bamford have this experience, as do many more business leaders. Yes the politicians should provide the directions, but the physical negotiations need to be conducted by those experienced in the poker like world of trade deals. Certainly those politicians like Sturgeon an Farron need to press their agenda, but not in a way that would be detrimental to any negotiations.

My thoughts on the EU referendum results

On the 23rd June the British people participated in a nationwide referendum on whether to remain within the European Union. During the campaigning there were many half-truths claimed as fact by both sides and the entire campaign could be seen as fairly comical if it were not such a serious issue. The result was a fairly clear decision with overall turnout high at just over 72%, 52% of the population voted to leave; a 4% majority.

Both Scotland and Northern Ireland as regions voted overwhelming to remain as part of the EU, and as such are calling for additional referendums on independence, which I do believe they should have. Scotland had a referendum on independence and EU membership was a key argument for remaining part of the UK. Northern Ireland has a direct land border with the EU and as such has very different concerns to those of us in the mainland.

With these issues aside the people of England therefore voted with a higher majority 53.2% to 46.8%, a 6.4% majority and a  73% turnout. This results in a very clear mandate, with a nearly 2 million vote majority to leave, for the country. We now need to take a moment to reflect on this calm down and do what we British do best; get the job at hand done.

This change in direction creates many new opportunities for business and these opportunities clearly outweigh and risks associated with this decision, and need to be capitalised upon. The only way this decision will be the wrong one is if we as a country fail to get behind it and seize these new opportunities.

In that frame of mind, I believe David Cameron should on Monday morning appoint an initial negotiation team, to start the ball rolling on the process. This team should be made up of the best of the best we have to offer. Ideally if he is willing Lord Digby Jones should be asked to contribute if not lead to the trade negotiations aspect of this. This is the start of the process and we should not be seen as procrastinating with a hard struggle.


No internet for 4 days!!

This has been a very bad week, no internet!

The BT Infinity line stopped working early on the bank holiday morning, when I called to report the fault I was told an engineer would not be able to investigate until the next day at the earliest. An engineer finally turned up on the wednesday, only to say oh the light on the hub is red, this means the problem is a faulty hub. However because this is a buisness line he did not have any replacement hubs in stock nor did the stores have these. Only residential hubs are carried as spares. So I had to call BT directly and get them to post one out to me. The replacement turned up last thing on Thursday!

Last time this happened I was able to get on with some paperwork and update the accounts, it was painfull but at least I was able to get some work done. This time all of our services are cloud based; alongside all of our document storage.

I could not even watch TV as we rely on streaming services. So now I have now started the process of getting a second Virgin Media line installed so there is some fault tollerance.

This has been a very costly week with no work done but at least it is nice weather outside, so I think I’ll go into the garden with my laptop and write a couple of the proposals that I need to.